The NBA is suspended right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see how new rivalries are created. That is the case of Houston Rockets star James Harden and Phoenix Suns young player Kelly Oubre Jr., who are reportedly beefing over a girl.

According to Sports Gossip, both players are beefing after Oubre took Harden’s hookup to California in recent days, something that sparked a flame inside the Beard. The thing is, this girl Shy happens to be Harden’s girl in Arizona. He went there to get ready for the restart of the season. Reasonably, he wanted to spend some time with his girl while he’s over there but Oubre had other plans.

Rumors say Oubre and Shy have been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now and they went to together to Los Angeles. Harden found out about it and was close to canceling a big party he threw in Arizona when he heard the news of Oubre and Shy.

Credit: Sports Gossip

Harden has been linked with other girls, but he wasn’t too pleased to know that his Arizona girlfriend was out of town, even less when he learned it was with another NBA player.

To make things more interesting, two of Kelly’s fan pages follow Shy.

Credit: Sports Gossip

While Harden is getting ready to return to action with his Rockets, the case is different for Oubre and his Suns. They’ve been a struggling team in recent years and this season wasn’t the exception. Still, he’s getting the most out of his free time, taking the lead over Harden with Shy.

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