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It’s been months since the death of Kobe Bean Bryant, but it hasn’t gotten much easier for fans who are missing him all around the world.

The guy left behind a legacy of greatness and was the inspiration for countless individuals today.

One of those includes Golden State’s very own Klay Thompson, who has (on many occasions) expressed his admiration of the Mamba. On Instagram, Thompson posted one of the gifts he received from Kobe — which he called the “greatest” he ever received.

Kobe wrote his first book “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play” in 2018. In it, he detailed his accomplished career and world-renowned mindset on both life and basketball.

Clearly, Thompson treasures his signed copy and has probably taken a lot of pointers from its contents.

Unfortunately, Klay will have to sit out for many more months before he gets the chance to take the court again. Thanks to an ACL tear in the 2019 Finals, he has been out for the entirety of this season rehabbing and preparing for his return.

Let’s hope for a quick and successful recovery for Thompson, who will look help l.ead the Warriors to another title next season.