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The NBA season is set to resume late next month but despite overwhelming excitement from the community, not everyone likes the idea of returning to action. Kyrie Irving has been leading the charge for a group of players who are sharing their concerns to league executives and the idea seems to be that a return to action is not only a risk to players’ health, but it also distracts from the social justice movement that is sweeping the nation right now.

Needless to say, there is a split in the feelings of players on whether or not the NBA should return at all this season. On his Instagram, Austin Rivers made a lengthy comment about why he thinks the right solution involves a return to basketball.

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The world could use a little unity right now, and sports have a way of unifying folks like nothing else on the planet. Basketball’s return may help ease racial tensions and it doesn’t mean these players have to stop taking a stand for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Guys like Kyrie are all about choosing one or the other, but who’s to say you can’t do both? With money on the line and many fans practically begging for basketball to return, playing ball may help the situation more than it hurts.