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Charles Barkley hasn’t been afraid of speaking his mind, even if that means losing friendships or starting beef with players. Recently, he’s been involved in a feud with Golden State Warriors Draymond Green but Barkley taking shots at players isn’t new.

Back in 2018, the 1993 NBA MVP called out DeAndre Jordan for his monotone style of play. Jordan, then part of the Los Angeles Clippers, was known for his athleticism, but his offensive game was very limited. He was known for his dunks and nothing else. Chuck apparently got tired of that and called him out when he had the chance.

“If you left DeAndre Jordan in a gym overnight and told him he could not dunk, he would have only 6 points in the morning,” Barkley said during an old edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA.


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Has Deandre Jordan had an underrated or overrated career?

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A year after that, Jordan worked on his game and he showed signs of getting better on the offensive end, becoming a more valuable piece for his Clippers. Now things have changed and DeAndre is in the last stages of his career. He’s not the explosive guy he used to be but he can still bring points to the Brooklyn Nets.

We don’t know if he heard Barkley’s comments and that made him improve his game, but following those comments, he tried to be more versatile for the Clips.

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