Despite being considered one of the coolest guys in the NBA, LeBron James doesn’t see anybody as a friend. In fact, he can count his real friends with one hand and he still will have free fingers. Back in 2015, amid some controversy about his relationship with Kevin Love, LeBron made it clear that he only had ‘three very good friends’ in the entire NBA.

He did say that Love was right, their relationship wasn’t the best of all, but that didn’t matter since they both had a common goal: winning.

Via’s Joe Vardon:

“People get so infatuated with the best of friends, things of that nature,” James said. “First of all, I’ve got three very good friends in this league, and that’s Carmelo (Anthony), and that’s C.P. (Chris Paul), and that’s D-Wade. And after that I have a bunch of teammates. I have guys I ride for every day.

“But Kyrie is a guy I understand how important he is to this team, how important he is. And the same with Kev as well.”

It’s well known that LeBron’s relationship with Melo, Wade and CP3 is special. They’re all best friends and none of that hasn’t changed.

Even if he doesn’t see his teammates as friends, LeBron knows they are focused on winning and nothing else. Getting along off the court never assured success to anybody and players who didn’t talk out of the arena won a lot of things, like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

Bron has a mindset and we don’t know if he’s changed that. Right now he’s part of the Los Angeles Lakers and the camaraderie there is great, you can feel they’re really connected. Nevertheless, we don’t know if Bron considers any of them as his friends.