Twitter was on fire in recent hours after somebody expressed their opinion regarding Russell Westbrook and Kyle Lowry, two of the best point guards in the NBA. Comparisons are hateful, yes, but that doesn’t mean they will stop happening. The NBA is a competition and it’s normal to see analysts comparing some stars with others.

Sam Quinn of CBS Sports recently compared Lowry and Westbrook, claiming that the Toronto Raptors star is better than the Houston Rockets guard.

Obviously, a lot of people showed his disagreement with Quinn, including Kendrick Perkins, who sent a big message to the reporter.

A lot of fans also made their case for Westbrook.

Meanwhile, others defended Lowry and the things he’s done with the Toronto Raptors in the past couple of years.

In the end, Quinn explained why he believed Lowry was better than Russ, simply because Russ can give a team a certain number of wins as a leader but only that. Instead, Lowry knows how to be the second or third-best player in a team and he still will help his squad win games, just like he did last year during the Raptors championship run.

This season Toronto and Houston are part of the top 5 of their respective conference. Out of the two, the Raptors have more chances to make it to the Finals. Westbrook and his Rockets still have work to do to beat the powerhouses of the Western Conference.