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No matter how things progress in the weeks to come, don’t expect the Lakers to be stagnant this offseason. With Anthony Davis still not signed to a long-term deal, and the LeBron increasing in age, the team has to do whatever they can to maximize their chances before the window closes completely.

This might explain why the Lakeshow has been connected to multiple players lately, with the latest being Brooklyn Nets’ sharpshooter Joe Harris.

In an article by Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz, he details why a Harris-Lakers pairing could be beneficial for both sides and why the Nets may have to let him go this upcoming offseason.

Of the 10 most frequent three-point shooters on the Lakers roster, only one is making over 38.0 percent of his attempts: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at 39.4 percent. For a team with a passer like LeBron James, there needs to be more quality shooting on the perimeter.

The Brooklyn Nets are quickly laying claim to one of the most expensive rosters in the NBA. They already have over $141 million in committed salary next season without factoring in a new contract for Harris. As such, they may be forced to let him walk.

Harris would be a great fit between James at point guard and Anthony Davis at power forward, moving off the ball and keeping the floor spaced for both superstars.

Harris isn’t exactly a star-caliber player, but he’d provide a major boost on the offensive end for L.A. Averaging 13 points on an impressive 41% shooting from beyond the arc this season, he is considered one of the best and most efficient shooters in the NBA.

Alongside Bron and AD, he could thrive off more open-look opportunities. At the very least, he’d help spread the floor for others.

In their drive to win the chip, he could be the key to getting L.A. closer to reaching their goals.