(via Bleacher Report)

With the BLM movement gaining more steam than ever, the conversation around the country has shifted to conversations about racism, social justice, and police reform.

The NBA is no exception and in a chat with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, J.J Redick continued the trend by speaking about the reactions to the decisions made by LeBron and Kevin Durant.

“Kevin Durant in 2016 when he joined the Warriors. LeBron James when he makes “The Decision.” There’s always this group of fans that want to make the argument ‘oh, he took the easy way out. He went and joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Or (in Durant’s place) he went and joined a team that had just beat him in the (NBA) playoffs.’… But I think an underlying reason for the reaction to Kevin and LeBron making those decisions is because people were uncomfortable with powerful black men making a decision for themselves. I really believe that.”

Calling out racist behavior seems to be a thing nowadays. And while it’s easy for someone to see hos the reaction to “the Decision” might be racist in nature, it might also be a stretch.

People hated their decisions because they went and joined other stars in a big-market city. They took the “easy” path to a chip.

There’s no way to really tell whether or not the reaction is rooted in racism, but the NBA is a place that empowers black athletes and their decision to chose is something that will never change.

If you won’t like it, you’ll just have to find something else to watch.