Kenny Smith really doesn’t like LeBron James. The former Houston Rockets star has been throwing some shade towards the King in recent days and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. He recently said LeBron was barely the 10th best player in the history of the league and got him out of his top 5 list.

On Thursday’s edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA, Smith went at it once again, claiming he would pick Shaquille O’Neal over LeBron James ‘pretty much every time’ in a hypothetical draft.

“My fifth player [of all time] actually is on the panel. Shaq is probably a top-5 player of all time. If I was doing a draft and I’m gonna take LeBron James or Shaq, I’m gonna take Shaq pretty much every time,” Smith said.

He’s been very active talking about the top 5, top 10 players of all time, always making the case for other players and throwing some shade towards Bron. At least, he’s consistent, he previously said Shaq was part of the greatest players of all time and he’s kept that line. It’s the same for LeBron, he explained why he believed Bron was a top 10 player and nothing else, but not everybody is sold on that idea.

The Jet is always making controversial statements and this is one that would create a lot of debates around the league.