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Kobe Bryant had only one desire in the NBA, he wanted to be the best and nothing else. The Los Angeles Lakers legend had a mission and he wasn’t going to rest until he accomplished it. He always showed that desire to succeed in the association and he was willing to do anything to do so, even if that meant being a bad teammate.

Former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Del Harris recently revealed that Kobe wasn’t the best of teammates when he started his career. Kobe’s desire to become the best player of all time often made him go mad at his teammates, losing patience with them.

Harris said Kobe’s priority was himself. They were together for three years and he witnessed how the young Mamba approached the game and his teammates, admitting he later would improve his attitude and become a leader and a mentor for several players.

“We talked different times over the years, but he was focused mainly at first just on him and what he could do to be the best. And for a while, he wasn’t the best teammate because he was, you know, in it to be the best. And he didn’t have patience for other players who couldn’t do what he could do. But he developed maturity later in his career. And he became such a man and did things for others,” Harris said, per Eros Villanueva of ESPN.

You could see that passion that drove him since he was a teenager. Kobe knew he was going to be great and he worked for that. Even though his first season with the Lakers wasn’t the best, he didn’t give up and turned out to be arguably the greatest Laker of all time. Not only he helped his teammates in Los Angeles, but he also became a mentor for other players, including Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Kawhi Leonard and many more.

Kobe’s legacy will live forever and there is nothing that can change that. One of the most influential athletes of all time, who was taken from this world too young.