(via Heat Nation)

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, racist, sexist, and any other behavior deemed to be “hateful is being called out and exposed. Anyone caught spewing anything that can pass for hate speech can face severe consequences, and many have lost their jobs or way of life as a result of some words or actions that the community didn’t like.

Famous American actor, comedian, rapper, director, writer, producer, and television host Nick Cannon is the latest big-name star to lose his job, thanks to his comments about white and Jewish people being “savages.”

Obviously it created a hailstorm on social media, and he was promptly let go in a controversial move by ViacomCBS.

On Twitter, Dwyane Wade actually spoke up in support of Cannon in a now-deleted tweet.

Of course, Wade did a little damage control with his follow-up tweet but it hasn’t stopped the critics from going after him.

Amid enormous racial and social tension, anti-semitism just isn’t going to be tolerated right now, especially not from a guy with as big a platform as Nick Cannon. If Wade isn’t careful, he may find himself on the chopping block next.