(via SBNation.com)

The 2019-20 NBA season has seen a lot of interesting twists. A China controversy, the deaths of major sports icons, a global pandemic, and the uprising of the BLM movement have sparked a lot of changes to the race for this season’s title.

At this point, nobody is really sure what to expect in the weeks and months to come, but if recent history is any indication as to who we might see compete in the Finals this year, we might see some familiar faces at the league’s highest level of competition.

The Lakers and Raptors may not be favored to win their conference, but they’ve been virtually unstoppable against most of their competitors.

For LeBron, the Warriors have been his Kryptonite these past few years. In four Finals matchups with them, he’s just 1-3. In series against any other team (since 2014), he’s undefeated at 12-0.

The Raptors, meanwhile, have famously struggled against LeBron-led teams. During his days in Cleveland, they were continually wiped out (and often swept) in the early rounds of the postseason. Since 2016, against other teams, the Raptors are 8-0, which includes a Championship victory against the 2019 Warriors.

With the Warriors out of the playoffs and LeBron out of the East, who is to say the trend can’t continue? How do we know the Raptors and their old nemesis LeBron James are not on par for a collision course? This season, both the Lakers and Raptors have been among the best teams in their conference and the path to a Championship has never been so clear.

Only time will tell, but a series involving these teams definitely wont be the worst thing to happen…