Stephen Jackson fired back at Charles Barkley for his recent comments. Barkley has been very outspoken against anti-semitic remarks that Jackson and other celebrities made in recent days. During a recent episode of his podcast The Steam Room, Chuck revealed he was ‘disappointed’ in Black celebrities like Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson and Ice Cube for their anti-semitic remarks.

“We can’t allow Black people to be prejudiced also, especially if we’re asking for white folks to respect us, give us economic opportunity and things like that,” he said. “If you want respect, you got to give respect, but I don’t understand how you beat hatred with more hatred.”

Jackson did take well those comments and he replied to Chuck via Instagram, sending a strong message.

“Charles Barkley, speak on what you know,” Jackson said. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, I know what I said. Keep my name out your mouth, I don’t give a fuck about how you feel, I’m out here with real people, the people that’s really suffering. I care about my people. So, to Charles Barkley, I can’t give a f— on how you feel. I’mma keep doing what I’m doing for people supporting me, to people standing with me while y’all sitting on TV rubbing your fatass bellies, y’all got me f—-d up. Keep that same energy when ya see me.”

Jackson’s remarks have created a lot of debates around the NBA community, with current and former players criticizing Jackson and other celebrities for their words against Jewish people. This doesn’t look like the best way to have equality in America. Sadly, people seem to be more divided than united every day and these disputes don’t bring any help.