(via: TW/ContentNBA)

Carmelo Anthony had a great night on Friday night when his Portland Trail Blazers took on the Memphis Grizzlies and won a thriller in overtime. Melo wasn’t even the best scorer of his team, he dropped 21 points, shooting 70% from the field.

Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum led the Blazers to a 140-135 victory but they weren’t the biggest story of the night. When his team most needed him, Carmelo Anthony showed up and made clutch shots to keeps his team afloat.

He demonstrated he still got it and yes, it was only one game, but Melo is not afraid of these challenges. Just when everybody thought he was washed, Melo said otherwise and brought the help his team needed.

After that good performances, Twitter account ‘ContentNBA’ shared a Carmelo Anthony apology form, demanding haters to fill it after Melo’s big night. While some opposed to that, others accepted they were wrong and issued an apology for Melo.

Portland is hoping to see more of this version of Anthony. He was clutch, he was helpful and did a lot for his team. It’s time for everybody to admit they were wrong about the veteran forward and pay respect.

The Trail Blazers return to action tomorrow against the Boston Celtics, in a duel that looks as exciting as the ones both teams had on Friday. The Celtics were one of Melo’s biggest rivals during his time with the New York Knicks, so you know he’ll be inspired for tomorrow’s game.