Danny Green, without any intention, just delivered one of the best jokes in the NBA in recent days during a recent edition of his ‘Inside the Green Room’ podcast. The Los Angeles Lakers guard had his teammate JaVale McGee as a guest for the show and they had a lot of fun discussing the infamous Lou Williams trip to the Magic City Strip Club in Atlanta. These two are part of the Lakers and you know those comments hurt more coming from your biggest rivals this season.

McGee joined the show to talk about his Youtube vlog channel, the win against the Clippers, and more topics. McGee revealed he’s vegan now, but before he made that change, he went to several strip clubs and witnessed first hand how good the food is at those places. He also saw the famous pictures of the chicken wings that everybody wants to try now, and he couldn’t help but agree with the rest of the public (31-minute mark):

“I’ve seen a picture of the Magic City food. Oh my god, that looked delicious,” McGee said.

Danny Green had something similar to say, stating that his favorite part about strip clubs is the food, reminiscing of the comments Williams made when he was caught partying at Magic City.

“I’m not a big fan of strip clubs, but I think the best thing about it for me is the food,” Green revealed.

Of course, those comments cracked everybody up but Green wasn’t backing down, he is firm in his beliefs. “The best part about it is definitely the food. Don’t try to change his opinion, sir,” McGee joked.

Then Green elaborated and made a pretty solid point on why he’d go to a strip club to pick some food.

“My opinion is the food,” Green continued. “I mean late-night spot, you know, everyone will still keep hanging out and that’s the best place to go. But, to me, I’m not as comfortable in that establishment,” he added.

Lou Williams knows this type of comment won’t go away so easily. He said he was just enjoying the memes and nothing else but this will hunt in on the court for the next couple of weeks. Not even James Harden got all this attention for a strip club and he has great stories in those sites.