It’s been a rough couple of years for the Los Angeles Lakers but now things are back to normal after they clinched the #1 spot in the Western Conference after a 116-108 victory over the Utah Jazz behind Anthony Davis’ 42 points.

The Lakers hadn’t made the playoffs since 2013 and this is the first time they clinch the #1 spot in the West since 2010, the year of their last championship. After the game, Kuzma took to Twitter to share a message for the ‘real Lakers fans’ who supported the team during their bad years.

Even though is good that Kuz shows his love to those who stayed with the team when they weren’t that good, it’s not like the Lakers have been a suffering team during their entire history. They have 16 championships and one of the richest histories in the NBA so it’s not as dramatic as some people like to see it.

Kuzma is right to thank the loyal fans, those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon when LeBron James signed with them. Those who saw the success of Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem and more and stayed during the rough times, those are the real Lakers fans.

Yet, is not as big as Kuz thinks. The last five years, especially, were incredible hard for the team, but before that, you were incredibly good. It happens to every good team of any sports.