LeBron James has racked up plenty of records throughout his career and seeing the level he’s shown this season, that won’t stop anytime soon. The King has left his mark on the game, even surpassing some of the greatest players to ever do it.

James has a record with a huge lead over his pursuers. He is the player with the most consecutive games with 10+ games in NBA history. Bron’s magic number is 990 games, more than 10 years without having scored less than 10 points in a game. His closest pursuer is Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, with 866 games, over 100 less than the Los Angeles Lakers star. They’re followed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with 787 games, Karl Malone (575) and Kevin Durant (562).

Seeing the level Bron is playing right now, you know the record will be higher than and almost impossible to tied or surpass.

That should tell you how consistent he’s been since he made it to the league. LeBron is a dominant player who makes any team better whenever he steps on the court.

It looks like the only one who could catch him retired in 2003 after playing a couple of seasons with the Washington Wizards.