Credit: ESPN

LeBron James has done a lot of good things during his career, earning three titles, making it to eight consecutive NBA Finals, winning four MVP awards, among other things. The King is already a legend, but somehow people find time to doubt his credentials and how much he deserves to be in the basketball Hall of Fame.

In recent days, ESPN showed a graphic with the players with the most Finals appearances in history. LeBron has nine right now and he’s looking for that 10th Finals that would put him in the level of Bill Russell, Sam Jones and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only players who played 10 Finals in the league.

The big question is whether or not he belongs to the HOF and fans had a lot to say. Some talked about him playing in the weak Eastern Conference for most of his career, how he assembled superteams to make it to the Finals year after year and more.

Well, now that Bron is in the West, he’s doing just great. Just yesterday he helped the Lakers clinch the first spot in the Western Conference, proving that he can do there what he did in the East.

James is 35, playing his 17th season in the league and it looks like time doesn’t exist for him. He feels as good as before, plays as good as before and is leading team just like he did during his time in the East.

Asking if he belongs to the HOF is weird and perhaps unnecessary. You have to admit LeBron has done more than enough to be a Hall of Famer when he finishes his career.