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Concern is quickly rising for the L.A. Lakers. They’re 2-2 on the bubble, are having to play without two of their top point guards, and seem to be dealing with a mysterious off-court issue that LeBron James is not willing to disclose.

Amid all of these matters, the Lakers are also trying to fight for a win against Houston without their best player.

With LeBron on the sidelines due to a sore right groin, the team has looked lost and is currently down at half-time 65-56. On Twitter, many are using this game as evidence to show just how valuable LeBron James is to the team.

Of course, people began preaching about LeBron’s value and importance.

Others were just straight-up crucifying the team.

The Lakers haven’t looked good to start the bubble and this game is revealing just how vulnerable they are without LeBron.

Needless to say, if the Lakers are to get far this postseason, they’ll need both their stars healthy and ready to go. Let’s see if they are able to turn things around these next two quarters…