Stephen Curry is one of the most influential players in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors superstar changed the game of basketball and he’ll always be remembered for that and for being the greatest shooter of all time. Even though a lot of people throw shade at him, Curry is one of the strongest names in the league right now and his legacy is about to become greater in NBA circles.

He is the face of Under Armour and his Curry shoes are getting more and more attention from basketball fans. That’s why the company has reportedly decided to give Curry his own brand. According to ‘Let’s Go Warriors‘, Curry will have his own brand under the umbrella of Under Armour, just like Michael Jordan with Nike and his worldly famous Jordan Brand.

They add that the bran will have its own logo and the ‘UA’ logo will not appear on any forthcoming Curry signature shoes. This will be huge for Steph, but it remains to be seen if he’ll match the success that Jordan had with his Jordan Brand. Those shoes are almost obligatory for any urban outfit and their success is undeniable.

These are ambitious plans and we’ll see how everything works when the new “Curry8 Flow” drop sometime in the Fall.

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