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The NBA is pretty ruthless when it comes to their tampering rules. Warriors forward Draymond Green found that out the hard way when he tried to tell the world, live on TNT, why Devin Booker should leave the Phoenix Suns.

No matter the setting, Draymond isn’t allowed to talk about another player like that while he’s under contract. The NBA had no choice but to fine him $50,000.

So, yeah, Draymond has been fined for tampering despite not even having been in his broadcasting chair for a month. It’s actually kind of funny in a way, and Green shared a little laugh on Twitter about it.

No doubt, when the TNT crew meets on set again, they’ll likely all make fun of the whole situation. And Draymond, well, we can expect him to be a little bit more careful with his words going forward.

Despite all that is going on, the league wants to ensure it is being fair to its teams and tampering is a pretty serious problem for small-market organizations like Phoenix.

The NBA just can’t let it slide.