It’s undeniable that LeBron James makes a big impact on every team he plays and when he leaves, things aren’t just the same for those franchises. We’ve seen that during his career and it makes you think. Bron is an incredible player, one of the best to ever do it but some people don’t realize how good he is until they compare the realities of his former teams.

One NBA fan pointed out a big difference between Kawhi Leonard and the King after they left their last teams. A lot of fans don’t seem to realize this but the impact they’ve had is just different.

“Lebron leaves the cavs and they become a glorified g league team , kawhi leaves the raptors and they’re a two seed .. there’s levels to this,” @iam_johnw wrote on Twitter.

If you take a look at that, you know the Cleveland Cavaliers went down after LeBron left them the first time. After he left the Miami Heat, the team wasn’t the same either and they went down spiral until their resurface this year. After he finished his second stint with Cleveland, the team suffered and is still suffering LeBron’s absence. They’re back in the lottery, trying to rebuild without bringing LeBron once again.

As for Kawhi Leonard, the Toronto Raptors have remained one of the best teams in the league after he left for the Los Angeles Clippers last year. Leonard took the Canadian franchise to win their first-ever NBA championship and the Raptors are still considered one of the favorite teams to come out of the East, even without the Klaw on the roster.

Nick Nurse has done a terrific job with his team and they currently rank 2nd in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors didn’t have any trouble after Leonard’s departure, but the team that has been struggling after the Klaw left is the San Antonio Spurs. They went from being one of the biggest dynasties in the league to a wandering organization that is struggling to make the postseason.

Perhaps not the Raptors, they barely lost any pieces after Kawhi left, but the Spurs saw how their biggest star left in 2018 and that was the beginning of the end for them. Same story as LeBron and every single team where he’s played.