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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Damian Lillard, Paul George, and Patrick Beverley exchanged some words both during and after their game last night. And while it may have been their last time meeting on the court, things certainly didn’t end after the final buzzer.

Their battle poured over on social media and, eventually, family members got involved.

Now, it is Paul George’s girlfriend, Daniela, and Damian’s sister, Lanae Lillard, who have taken over the war and they have been going at it non-stop since last night.

In the most recent response, Daniela fired back at Lanae’s comments about her “lips and face.”

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A lot of words have been exchanged and it seems things have gotten pretty personal. As for George and Damian, nobody knows how it will affect their relationship going forward. While their exchange may have been strictly about business, nobody is buying that there isn’t some real animosity after everything that has happened.

It is likely that we will not seem them face off again this season but, if they do, it will likely be in the Western Conference Finals. Obviously, that’d set the stage for a pretty intense battle. We’ll see soon enough how it all plays out, and update you moving forward.