(via DraftKings Nation)

Social media is a great way for the NBA’s biggest stars to connect with their fans and express their feelings on basketball and life.

But sometimes it can lead to some rather embarrassing moments, and Donovan Mitchell has found that out for himself firsthand. Earlier today, in a seemingly accidental Instagram Livestream, a dark screen was displayed on his story with some rather… suspicious noises. You can probably connect the dots if you listen…

(NSFW warning)

Mitch has yet to comment on the “incident” and there’s still no explanation on if it was an accident or some sort of joke.

The biggest question may be, if he is doing what it sounds like, is it from someone outside the bubble? Obviously, with the season still in full swing, players are required to stay in quarantine and away from anyone outside the bubble. He could face a temporary suspension if he’s caught breaking the rules.

But, in the end, it’s unlikely the NBA (or anyone else for that matter) will do too much digging into this. But, maybe for future reference, it’s probably a good idea for him to check his phone.