Jimmy Butler showed he’s all about his teammates on Wednesday night after he trucked Chris Paul in one of the best sequences in the bubble. Butler, now in Miami, has led his team to be one of the best in Eastern Conference alongside a group of young players that will make this team a perennial contender in the upcoming seasons.

Last night, the Heat was playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder when Chris Paul started trash-talking Duncan Robinson. Things got heated at one point and CP3 purposely hit the ball on Robinson. Butler didn’t enjoy seeing that and he took revenge in the next play, straight up running into Paul, hitting him with his shoulder and elbow.

He was given an offensive foul and he took it since he knew very well what was going to happen. CP3 stood up and returned to the game but that was a hard hit to take.

After the game, the Heat swingman talked about the incident, warning everybody who dares to mess with his teammates that he’s going to revenge anything.

“You’re not gonna throw the ball at my teammate like that. So yeah, I’ll get a turnover. I’ll get an offensive foul. … You mess with one of my guys, especially one of my shooters, then you gotta deal with me and everybody else,” Butler said.

Butler’s leadership was criticized in Minnesota and he reportedly didn’t have the best relationship with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in Philadelphia. This situation shows he sticks up for his teammates and how connected he is with his role in Miami. Don’t mess with the Heat, because they’ll make you pay.

Miami will face the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the playoffs, with fans expecting to see what’s going to happen between Butler and TJ Warren.