Seth Curry didn’t miss the chance to let people know that Luka Doncic is THAT dude. The Dallas Mavericks guard was in awe with his teammate after a 40-point triple-double that was closed with a game-winner 3-pointer that made everybody go crazy. Curry was very active and showed a lot of intensity during the game; you could tell he wanted to beat the Clippers badly, and luckily, his wish was granted.

After the game, he took a shot at Montrezl Harrell for his ‘b*tch a** white boy’ comment towards Luka in Game 3 of the series. After a little scuffle, Harrell was mad a Luka and insulted him with those words. Well, even though Harrell apologized, Curry had something to say about the whole incident. During the postgame interview, Curry saw his opportunity and took it, sending a message to Harrell (0:55 minute mark).

“That’s a bad white boy,” he said.

This wasn’t the only time we saw Curry calling out Clippers players on Sunday. During the game, he went with everything after Paul George. After getting an AND-1 against George and Harrell, Curry stared at the swingman and called him a ‘b**** a**’.

Things are getting pretty heated between these two teams, but just like Porzingis, Curry has demonstrated he’s ready to back up everybody on his team. Game 5 will take place on Tuesday and we can’t wait to see what’s next for these two squads. One of the best playoffs series of this year and the final outcome remains unpredictable.