Tom Brady has paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant with a heartfelt message on Kobe Bryant day. The now Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared a video where he talked about his relationship with Kobe and the legacy of the Black Mamba, who died last January 26 in a fatal helicopter crash with his daughter Gianna and seven other people. Kobe’s loss is still huge and it will be hard to overcome, but Brady gave the fans hope and a way to look at everything Kobe left us.

“Kobe was someone I always admired who was about the same age,” Brady started. “Just watching him from afar, I was on the other side of the country, he was at the Lakers his whole career.”

“You see someone with so much to give whose life was taken from him. You know, it’s a very sad thing. I think a lot of people are still mourning.

“What you really saw in the second part of his career was what he wanted to do in the community and how he wanted to make a difference with young people, certainly his daughter. He was someone who was all about exceptionalism, he wanted everybody to succeed and achieve. He lives on because when you see pictures of him, you see clips of him, they inspire you to be the best you could be. We talked about his mentality, how he approached the game, how he approached practice; how he approached life. ‘You’re going to get my hear, my soul, my physical, mental energy, you know you’re gonna get everything. People are gonna look at him as a great hero, someone who did things the right way and someone we can all look up to.”

You can tell Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time has a bid admiration for Kobe and he’s not afraid to show it. That’s the impact Kobe made on the game and the world of sports. He transcended basketball to become a global figure, one who could inspire a swimmer, a chess player or a boxer. That was Kobe Bryant. Game recognizes game. That sounds like a cliche right now but this is the prime example of that.

Tom Brady, a complete legend in his sport, showing that kind of love to Kobe should tell you how great the Mamba was.