Credit: Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets series is getting hotter every day and tonight we’ll have the third game, with both teams trying to take the lead after an entertaining Game 2 on Sunday. The Rockets were close to surprising the Lakers once again on Sunday but the Lakers took over in the 4th quarter, earning a comfortable victory to tie the series.

Now things are even and the next game is very important for the Californians. The Rockets have demonstrated they can dominate and put pressure on the Lakers and it wasn’t until the end of Game 2 that the purple and gold unlocked the game to get the W. ESPN’s Zach Lowe has explained what the Lakers have to do to win this series and not suffer against the Rockets and their small-ball lineup.

Plenty of people around the league believed that having Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee and Anthony Davis was enough for the Lakers to stop the Rockets, but that hasn’t been the case. Lowe recently explained Frank Vogel needs to send Anthony Davis and LeBron James to the court along with a group of shooters the whole game.

“In order for Lakers to have a chance in this series against Rockets, they have to play their AD + Lebron lineup with all shooters the entire game. The moment non-shooters on the floor, Rockets can help with any ISO from Lebron or AD,” he said on ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast.

It looks like the Lakers will need a different plan to stop these Rockets. Even though Russell Westbrook has been inconsistent, the Rockets are a threat to the Lakers. They are well aware of that and Frank Vogel will try to mix things up to get the advantage in the series.