Credit: AP

A lot has been said about LeBron James this season but the Los Angeles Lakers star keeps surprising everybody with his performances every single night. He’s 35 and playing in his 17th season in the league and although that has been mentioned nonstop, it’s remarkable to see all the things James is doing right now with his Lakers, one of the favorite teams to win the NBA championship this campaign.

Even his own teammates can’t help but praise LeBron and his great moment. After Game 3 against the Houston Rockets, Anthony Davis had some great words for LeBron, talking about his capacity to get better every day and all the hard work LeBron does to be in the best possible shape in the bubble. He’s 35 right now, but for Davis, Bron could easily be 25 if you didn’t know his real age.

“He’s drinking from the fountain of youth. The things he’s able to do on the floor still, his head still touching the rim, still taking the big shots, still playing physical,” Anthony Davis said of LeBron James after the Lakers’ 112-102 win over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday.

Bron went off with 36 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists last night, leading the way for the Lakers. The King is inspired and everybody is in awe with his performances in the last two games. The Lakers have everything to finish the job against the Houston Rockets while LeBron continues chasing that 4th title.