Russell Westbrook didn’t have the best time in the bubble, especially in the playoffs. Russ’ tenure with the Rockets started very well prior to the shutdown but once the league resumed play, things went wrong for him and his team. The Rockets season came to an end on Saturday night after the Lakers beat them, 119-96, with Russ barely scoring 10 points.

The experiment of him teaming up with James Harden didn’t work and the Rockets paid a high price for that. Now, everybody is wondering what is next for Russ and the Rockets in the future. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer took to Twitter to explain how things look like for Russ, his contract and his fitting with the Texans.

Before the season started, nobody believed Westbrook and Harden were going to be good together and this postseason confirmed that.

“Russell Westbrook is making $43.8 million per the next three seasons, and the Lakers defense barely defends him in the half-court. He’s past his athletic prime, one of the worst shooters in the NBA, and an undeniably poor fit with James Harden. Where do the Rockets go from here?”

There are a lot of questions that need an answer for the Rockets. Some have even speculated about Harden’s future with the team. They need to figure things out, starting from the head coach position and their star players. The Westbrook situation looks more complex now. He has a hefty contract and it’s unknown if any team would want to get that.

He struggled with injuries these past few weeks and that surely affected his game. Russ is still a respected player in the league but not everybody would be willing to get such a big contract.