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Skip Bayless wasn’t happy to see the Clippers collapse in front of the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 of their second-round series. Bayless, as one of the most famous LeBron James haters in the world, didn’t like to see the Clippers losing to the Nuggets as he believed they were the only team capable of beating LeBron and his Lakers.

“CONGRATS, LEBRON: Looks like you just won your 4th championship. The Nuggets have now seized control of this series. Playing harder, making EVERY SHOT. So now, Bron, you get to beat the Nuggets and the Heat-Celts winner. CAKEWALK,” Bayless said after Game 6 of that series.

During Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the sports analyst once again went after the Clips, blaming them for LeBron James’ easy path to the Finals after a 126-114 victory over the Nuggets.

As soon as the game started and the Lakers had a good advantage over Denver, Bayless took to Twitter to blast the Clippers, stating the result would be different if they actually knew how to close games.

After the Lakers finished the job, Bayless once again attacked the Clips, ironically thanking them for letting the Lakers win so easily.

“Thanks a lot, Clippers. This is your fault,” he wrote.

Seeing LeBron having an easy path to the 4th championship is not something that makes Bayless happy and he will continue showing his discontent with this whole situation maybe until the season is over. The Clippers did lose a big chance to beat the Lakers and make it to their first NBA Finals in franchise history but they choked and now have to see the rest of the playoffs at home, while Bayless roasts them every single day.