(via Playmaker HQ)

The “Inside the NBA” crew never fails to provide the fans with quality content and analysis. But, more than anything, the dudes are just hilarious to watch, especially when they’re roasting each other, Live on the air.

Tonight’s broadcast was another one of those nights, and it was headlined by a conversation about the MVP.

Shaq admitted to the audience that he thought LeBron James deserved it because he is the best player in the NBA while his co-host, Draymond Green, picked Giannis Antetokounmpo because he had “a better season.”

Eventually, things got kind of heated, and it turned into an all-out roast session. When talking about the MVP, Shaq noted problems with the voting system, citing his losses to Steve Nash in the early 2000s.

Barkley, chiming in for a quick shot at O’Neal, brought up the idea of Kobe and Wade carrying him.

This is the type of exchange that makes the show so darn entertaining. And while people like to use Shaq’s teammates to discredit his Championships, O’Neal was just as important in those title victories and all of those guys know it.