LeBron James engaged in a little trash-talk battle with Dion Waiters’ son, Dion Waiters Jr. This kid went viral recently after reuniting with his father in the bubble, but all that kindness was only reserved for Waiters; he had no mercy with LeBron.

During the Lakers’ Saturday practice ahead of Game 2 in the Western Conference Finals, James was shooting some corner threes and the little kid came close to see the King (and trash talk him).

LeBron James: “[I’ll make] 100 straight.”

Dion Waiters’ kid: “Yeah, right!”

LeBron: *misses* “I missed that on purpose.”

Dion’s kid: “Yeah, right!”

LeBron: “I missed that on purpose so you’d think I’m human!”

Little Dion wasn’t having it and he seemed to be enjoying LeBron missing some shots.

Families have finally been allowed in the bubble and even though he left his kids in Los Angeles, LeBron has found a partner to practice his shots. One that challenges him to make 100 straight.