Giannis Antetokounmpo has made it clear that he’s trying to win a championship before he fully feels as an MVP. In the meantime, he’s enjoying the little victories he collected this season, including his back-to-back MVP award. However, not everybody is happy about Giannis being happy with his success and always try to find a way to bash the Milwaukee Bucks star regardless of what he does.

Antetokounmpo recently shared a picture of himself reading a newspaper that announced his MVP victory, looking a lot like a tribute to what Kobe Bryant did when he won back-to-back NBA championships with Shaquille O’Neal and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, some people didn’t like that and instantly came to attack Giannis for not being humble. Yes, celebrating your achievements is seeing as showing off by some people in the NBA community.

While some were quick to attack him, others came in Giannis’ defense, alleging he was just making a tribute to Kobe Bryant, his mentor.

This is something crazy to see. Giannis isn’t harming anybody with this pic, yet some people feel like he’s killing somebody by taking a picture like this. He is the rightful MVP winner and he knows he still has to fight and get better to win an NBA champion. A little flex after winning two consecutive MVP awards isn’t the end of the world.