The Los Angeles Clippers ended the 2019/20 season horribly and fans aren’t happy with it. They had big expectations entering this season and all of that is gone after the Denver Nuggets pulled off a 3-1 comeback against a team with a lack of adjustments that didn’t have answers for Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic when they got hot in the second half of games.

Everybody is criticizing Paul George for his performances in the playoffs but there is another man who needs to be held accountable, Kawhi Leonard. Leonard landed in Los Angeles as one of the hottest free agents last year, instantly putting the Clippers as favorites to win the title with his signing. Well, he also underperformed against the Nuggets in Game 7 of their West semis series and now people want answers.

Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright has explained what Kawhi is missing and what he needs to do to take these Clippers to the next level in the future. According to Wright, the Klaw needs to become a leader in Los Angeles, claiming he wasn’t one in San Antonio or Toronto.

“Kawhi’s going to have to do something he’s never been asked to do his whole career — be a leader. He wasn’t asked to be a leader in San Antonio, he wasn’t asked to be a leader in Toronto, that was Lowry. He’s been a great player but he has to be a leader too.”

He had the privilege to play with three monsters in San Antonio, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker. Once TD retired, Parker and Ginobili stuck around so Kawhi never had to be the leader of any of these teams. It was the same case in Toronto; he had Kyle Lowry there and Leonard only had to worry about doing his job on the court.

Now the task is different. The Clippers need him to become a leader and take them to the promised land. This team has a lot of questions to answer this offseason and so does Kawhi.