Credit: Los Angeles Times

As great as he is, LeBron James is one of the most hated players in the NBA and whenever he finds success, you know certain people will try to diminish his achievements. That is the case of Skip Bayless, probably the most famous LeBron James hater known to date. The sports analyst was anything but happy on Saturday night after LeBron took the Lakers to the NBA Finals for the first time in 10 years.

According to Bayless, James has won his 4th championship already and all of this happened because Bron was lucky not to face all the dangerous players he could face during this postseason. He took to Twitter and went in a rant about LeBron and the easy path he had to the Finals—and probably the title.

“This is LeBron’s easiest path to a ring: KD/Kyrie decided not to play. So LBJ got to beat a 35-39 Portland (and Dame got hurt), then the Rockets after Danuel House broke house rules, then the Nuggets instead of Kawhi’s Clippers, and now maybe the overachieving Heat. Meant to be.”

Perhaps Bayless is right with his claims, but when LeBron showed his dominance, all the other teams (except for Brooklyn without Irving and Durant) fell apart and were unable to compete. The biggest example of that is the Clippers and their infamous meltdown in their West semis series. To play in the Finals, you have to win, you have to be constant and none of those teams were, unlike the Lakers of LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Either it is Bayless or anybody else, it’s time to face it and accept that Bron may win his 4th title and not a single excuse they make can prevent that.