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The Philadelphia 76ers recently appointed Doc Rivers as their new head coach for the next 5 years, and while it may seem like just the kind of hiring they needed to finally get over the hump, most people believe that the roster needs a major shakeup.

And, according to NBA prospect specialist Rashad Phillips, Doc Rivers is poised to trade away Ben Simmons to the Minnesota Timberwolves in return for the first overall pick in this year’s Draft thus having the chance to get LaMelo Ball:

While this may seem far-fetched for most fans, it actually makes a lot of sense. Simmons and D’Angelo Russell go way back from their days at Montverde Academy. They know how to play and win together and it’s clear that the Timberwolves could use another playmaker and defender.

Moreover, there have always been a lot of questions regarding Ben Simmons’ fit next to Joel Embiid, who’s clearly the main building block at Philly and arguably the lone untouchable player in trade talks.

Phillips also added that the Philadelphia 76rs would finally get a box office attraction at the point guard spot in LaMelo Ball, which is why they should do it:

Philly hasn’t had a box office attraction at the PG poison since Iverson. LaMelo brings the fan appeal. It’s a win win for both teams. It’s worth the chance. The Embiid and Ben experiment has ran its course in Philly,” Phillips said.

There are some doubts regarding LaMelo Ball’s shot, shot selection, and defense, and most rookie point guards struggle early on their careers in the league.

Then again, he’s also believed to be one of the most talented and explosive scorers entering the league in the past decade or so. It’s a huge risk but it could end up being a win-win scenario for everybody involved.


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