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Every time we see a dominant duo in the NBA, we can’t help but compare them to the greatest duos we’ve seen in the past. When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, there is one duo that stands out the most, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Even though the purple and gold also had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson leading them and bringing championships.

Yet, Kobe and Shaq have become a reference when we talk about duos and now that the Lakers have one that is as much or more electrifying as them, the comparisons didn’t take too long. Anthony Davis and LeBron James are seen as today’s NBA version of Kobe and Shaq, although the size difference isn’t that much. That makes it hard for fans to know which one of them is Shaq and which one of Kobe.

Well, for AD, that answer is pretty clear. Following Game 2 of the 2020 NBA Finals, Davis said:

“Those two guys were selfless. They both had a competitive spirit,” he said when talking about the incredible duo. “And I think me and ‘Bron are the same way. We’re two guys who wanna win no matter the circumstance. We both want to make sure that we do whatever it takes to help our team to win.”

He then said who he believed was Shaq and Kobe between him and LeBron.

“He’s Kobe because he handles the ball and I’m Shaq because I play in the post,” he said.

It’s pretty simple for AD, and that formula is working for the Lakers, just like it did when the Big Diesel and the Black Mamba were leading the team.