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Kyrie Irving once again was involved in controversy after he said some comments about former teammate LeBron James that didn’t sit well with anybody in the NBA. During a recent appearance on Kevin Durant’s new podcast ‘The ETCs,’ Irving was explaining how comfortable he felt playing alongside KD because he believed it was the first time in his career he could rely on another teammate to take the last shot.

“One thing I’ve always been comfortable with is I felt like I was the best option on every team I played for down the stretch,” Irving said. “This is the first time in my career where I can look down and be like, ‘That motherf—er can make that shot too.”

Those remarks raised a lot of eyebrows around the league, as people immediately thought he was taking a shot at LeBron James. Kyrie responds to those claims, saying he’d name people whenever he’s taking shots at them, which wasn’t the case this time.

“Why must it always be brother against brother? Why? If I’m addressing anyone, I’ll say their name.”

Sports analyst Chris Broussard sent a big message for Kyrie, telling him to either apologize to LeBron James or say his name out loud.

“He [Kyrie] was there when LeBron hit that game-winner against Chicago, LeBron has hit 5 playoff buzzer-beaters, more than anyone in NBA history. … Don’t tell me ‘I never mentioned his name.’ When I say Jordan is the GOAT I’m saying Magic Johnson is not. LeBron James is not. Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, they’re not. If you’re man enough to say it, you have to be man enough to handle the repercussions. You either have to own it or you have to apologize, and say ‘you know what, I had a 20-second brain freeze and I forgot I played with LeBron.”

Kyrie really got himself in trouble with those comments. To say that is already a daring statement but now owning it only makes it worse. Kyrie is not a stranger to this type of controversies and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The Nets are in for a ride with this man. Let’s hope they are prepared for that.