Credit: LakeShowScoop

There are many things we just can’t seem to explain. Call it superstition, coincidence, or maybe there is in fact something else that’s bigger than all of us.

Ever since Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, there have been a lot of spooky coincidences. Maybe they don’t mean a thing and we’re just overreacting because we refuse to let go of the Black Mamba, but it’s still quite crazy to watch his number constantly popping up in Lakers games.

This time, Twitter user @LakeShowScoop pointed out that LeBron James scored the Los Angeles Lakers’ 81st point with exactly 8:24 remaining in Game 2 of the NBA Finals vs. the Miami Heat.

For those who lack context, 81 was Kobe’s career-high and he wore numbers 8 and 24 throughout his career. The Lakers were also wearing their custom ‘Black Mamba’ edition jerseys.

The sports community still can’t fathom the fact that Kobe Bryant is no longer with us. His life was tragically taken away in a helicopter crash on January 26 and nothing has been the same for basketball fans all over the world.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been on a mission since day one but obviously, the passing of the greatest icon in franchise history put a lot of pressure on their shoulders.

LeBron James and the rest of his teammates vowed to dedicate this season to his memory and now, the Lakers are just a couple of wins away from winning their 17th Larry O’Brien trophy, tying the Boston Celtics for most all-time.

The last time the Lakers made the Finals and won a ring were, obviously, led by Kobe. He passed the torch and helped the Lakers’ community welcome LeBron James to Hollywood with open arms. You can be sure that he’s looking down and smiling.