It’s not a secret that Kobe Bryant’s surprising pass affected all his fans, his friends and his family. Kobe was just 41 when he died in a fatal helicopter crash last January 26 and to this day, some people don’t seem to get completely over it. It’s getting to the point that the narrative to use Kobe as an inspiration to win the title is almost mandatory for the Los Angeles Lakers and it’s gotten bigger during the Finals.

Michael Lee of The Athletic recently sent a big message to the people trying to use Kobe as much as possible to make the Lakers’ possible championship more dramatic than it should be. When Myles Brown pointed out that ABC was using ‘do it for Kobe’ in their promos, Lee agreed with him, doubling down on his comments.

He then urged people to let Kobe rest in peace since he didn’t lose his life so the Lakers magically win it all this season.

We all wish that he was still with us, but that’s not going to happen. We only have to remember Kobe as the great man he was and try to pay respect to him and his memory without making a big show of it. Kobe inspired all of us and all the things we learned from him will be hard to forget, but there is no need to throw his name in everything the Lakers or the NBA does now.

We recently urged everybody to let Vanessa Bryant grief her loss in peace and this is another point that people need to follow.