We got to know a lot of details behind Michael Jordan’s successful tenure with the Chicago Bulls in the award-winning docu-series ‘The Last Dance.’ The directors took us in a ride to know almost every little detail about Jordan’s desire to succeed, to win and leave a mark in history. Even though we had a 10-part docu-series, we didn’t see all the footage ESPN had about MJ’s career in Chicago.

Footage has released showing an old interview of Jordan with Stuart Scott, where he talked about his motivations to win the sixth ring with the Bulls in 1998. At the time, Scott asked the GOAT what kept him motivated if he already had “enough rings for one hand.”

“You set your own expectations. You live up to those,” Jordan said in the clip. “Your expectations are gonna be geared toward (what) people feel you can accomplish. Sure, everybody’s saying this is Utah’s year. Best record, they’ve got home-court advantage. … Yeah, that’s motivation. If it’s not, then you certainly need to look in the mirror,” Jordan replied.

“But that’s a sense of motivation. You’ve gotta have some inner motivation, too. You want to be successful. It’s a long season that you started off trying to end the season with a win. That should never deteriorate, but other things come in with the same type of intensity in terms of motivation.”

As we all witnessed in TLD, Jordan was always looking for ways to get motivate himself. He even made up stories to go off on players that didn’t do anything to him. He was a fierce competitor and 22 years after that interview, we see how that worked for him.