Credit: Keegan Hall

Michael Jordan has served as inspiration for plenty of NBA fans around the world that worship the Chicago Bulls legend for all the things he did on the court to become the GOAT and one of the best and most famous athletes of all time. MJ racked up a lot of highlights during his successful career, but there is one that can be considered his most iconic one: that free-throw dunk he pulled off at the Chicago Stadium in the 1988 dunk contest.

Artist Keegan Hall got to work and recreated the play with an incredible drawing that will blow your mind. Hall recently shared a pic of himself holding the draw on Twitter, revealing it took him 250 hours to complete the piece, something remarkable.

“This piece was – by far – the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on, and ultimately took over 250 hours to complete,” he wrote in the caption.

The detail in the draw, the realism is incredible. He didn’t miss this draw and the result is just mind-blowing.

Keegan had shares photos of the process, which could help you see how much work he put into the piece and how talented he is. MJ really inspired him and good thing he did. This is something to admire, a thing that you don’t see very often. What an awesome job!