Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis was under fire after hitting Miami Heat’s Jae Crowder in the face in Game 5. It was a very intense game and these two players proved it with their actions. In the middle of the third quarter, Davis and Crowder got tangled up, hitting the floor with Davis hitting Crowder in the face with his elbow as he got up.

Referees didn’t see any of that and that play was just regular action for them, but the fans were convinced AD did should have been punished, with some even asking for his suspension for Game 6 tonight. The NBA did review the play but they came to the conclusion that it wasn’t as big as some people believe or wanted to see it, so AD will be available to play on Sunday night, as the Lakers will try to finish the job.

“We review every play in the games from all angles and there was nothing further to do with this,” the league told Local 10 News.

Even though the decision was made and nobody was suspended, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green didn’t miss the chance to express his opinion, firing back against those calling for an AD suspension. In the past, Draymond was suspended in the Finals, which hurt Golden State’s chances to win the series when everything looked very favorable for them.

“Why suspend someone and decide the season?… That’s whack,” Draymond wrote on Twitter.

The league checked the play and they didn’t find anything to punish Davis the way some fans wanted. We have a Game 6 for tonight and we can’t wait to see what LeBron James, Davis, Jimmy Butler and co. will bring to the court.