Joe Johnson is in great shape at 39 years old. The former NBA player shared a couple of pics of himself at the gym, where he looks ripped, ready to take on anybody who tries to dare ISO Joe. Johnson is out of the league right now after a failed attempt to return with the Detroit Pistons before the 2019/20 season but he was cut by the Pistons right before the beginning of the campaign.

After these pics hit the internet, people started to speculate about Joe and his future in the league, wondering if he’d ever get a new chance in the association.

Some fans even joke saying that the Lakers should have signed him instead of JR Smith, while other claimed Johnson is better than some of the players on the Lakers roster.

After a failed attempt to make a comeback, Johnson could be trying to find his way to the league again. He actually drew the attention of the Pistons last year and somehow, he was expected to create a Big 3 with Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin. Things didn’t work for Joe and now he could be trying to convince another team to sign him. As we see in this picture, he is in great shape.