(via Mundo Deportivo)

LeBron James just won his fourth NBA title on Sunday night but the King isn’t backing down. He is ready to keep competing at the highest level to increase his legacy in the league and with the Lakers. James earned his fourth NBA championship and his fourth Finals MVP award, becoming the first player in NBA history to win the FMVP award with three different organizations.

Just when everybody thought he was washed, James stepped up and demonstrated he still is that dude and that nobody will take his title as the best player on earth in the near future. He is a couple of months away from turning 36 and yet he’s playing as if he was still in his 20s. To make things worse, Bron sent a message to his rivals, warning them about what’s coming from him and his Lakers.

“I’ve got a lot of years left,” he told reporters after leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the title.

James’ is still one of the best five players the league has ever seen but he wants to take things to a different dimension and finish his career as the greatest to ever do it. James averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists in six games, finishing a great season for the Lakers, who dominated from the start to the end.

LeBron isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and that should worry the rest of the league. This man isn’t going anywhere and it’ll take a lot to beat him in the next couple of seasons.