LeBron James is now a 4x NBA champion and that number has placed him among the greatest player in history. However, some consider he still needs to do more to be considered the GOAT while others believe this was exactly what he needed to do to earn that title. The comparisons will always include LeBron and Michael Jordan, widely considered the GOAT until James showed up to threaten that status.

Over the last couple of months, this debate has gotten hotter, especially after Michael Jordan’s award-winning docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ saw the light in April, sparking more discussions about who the greatest of all time is. Everybody has talked about it and on Sunday night, one of the people involved in the debate had the chance to address it.

Following Game 6 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James had a little chat with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, where he talked about the GOAT debate and what could happen from now on for him or Jordan to be considered the best to ever do it.

“That’s not for me to question or wonder or debate. For me personally, I have a way that I play the game. I have a way that I lead. I have a way that I challenge my guys and myself…we call it barbershop talk,” LeBron James said on the never-ending debate.

“You guys know how much I love Michael Jordan. I wear No. 23 because of Michael Jordan. When I first got my first pair of Jordans, you couldn’t tell me nothin’. So, ya’ll can do the debates. Ya’ll can figure that out.”

As LeBron continues to get closer to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan in terms of titles, his fans get more convinced that he is the greatest player in NBA history. His Finals record would disagree with that, but that doesn’t seem to be very important for some folks.