Even though they are the rightful 2020 NBA champions, the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t stopped getting criticized by their haters. One of the most harmed fanbases in the league belongs to the Boston Celtics after the Lakers tied the C’s like the biggest winners in history with 17 championships each.

Every time this happens, some fans start talking about the past, diminishing the difficulty and the value of the title that some teams won plenty of years ago.

Well, that’s what’s happening around some Celtics fan circles, who are now going after the Minneapolis Lakers’ titles. During their time in Minneapolis, the Lakers won five titles, starting their run as one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. Celtics fans have started attacking those titles but ESPN’s Zach Lowe was quick to remind them that they won a lot of silverware when the league wasn’t close to what it is today.

During a recent edition of his ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast, Lowe let them know that Bill Russell’s titles weren’t that different to the Minneapolis Lakers’.

“If the Celtics fans want to dismiss the Lakers Minneapolis titles they have to come to grip with the fact that 9 of their 17 titles came when there were like 9 teams in the NBA & dudes were smoking in the locker room,” he said.

That was all he needed to dismantle those claims. Now both franchises are even in titles won. Now it’s the time they demonstrate which one is better. Luckily for us, they have two squads that can compete for the title for many years to come and surpass their biggest rivals.