Shannon Sharpe and Snoop Dogg hilariously trolled Sharpe’s ‘Undisputed’ co-host Skip Bayless for vandalizing LeBron James‘ murals in Los Angeles when the King arrived in the city. Bron signed with the Lakers two years ago and some people thought it was the right thing to vandalize some murals created to show the city’s excitement for LeBron.

While discussing the 2020 NBA championship, Sharpe and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg went after Bayless, mocking him and accusing him of defacing a couple of murals painted in honor of LeBron. Bayless is a well-known LeBron hater, so this joke was spot on for the accusers. At some point, Sharpe was talking about the murals, asking people to create a new one that nobody would deface now that the Lakers are NBA champions.

Then he turned his attention to Bayless, accusing him of defacing some murals in 2018. Snoop joined Sharpe, claiming he saw Bayless spraying paint on LeBron’s face while the trio laughed.

On a more serious tone, when LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles, not everybody was happy to see him join the Los Angeles Lakers, including some of their own fans. LeBron had been compared with Kobe Bryant for so long that it was inconceivable for some to see him joining the purple and gold. While the vast majority embraced the King, others decided Bron wasn’t worthy of the Lakers and vandalized a couple of murals in LA.

Recently a Twitter user called them out for their behavior when LeBron James arrived at the Lakers, compared to what they did now that Bron took his team to the promised land, 10 years after Kobe Bryant gave them their 16th title.