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The Los Angeles Lakers pulled off what some of his doubters thought they’d never be able to do: Win an NBA Championship despite how stacked the Western Conference is and despite the Los Angeles Clippers being the most overpowered team in the league.

Now, it seems like it’s time for another Championship contender to silence his doubters, as there are a lot of people already counting out the Golden State Warriors even though they made it to 5 consecutive NBA Finals.

That’s why, according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Steve Kerr’s team will be the Lakers’ biggest threat en route to a potential back-to-back:

“It will be the Golden State Warriors standing in the way of the Los Angeles Lakers. Look the hell out!” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take.

Truth be told, Smith has a fair point right here. There’s absolutely no reason to count out the Golden State Warriors, who’ll be back at full strength and in the seventh year with the same head coach.

Some people claim that they can’t win without Kevin Durant as if that team hadn’t made it to back-to-back Finals, won one ring, and broke the record for most wins in the regular season one year before KD’s arrival to the Bay area.

The Houston Rockets don’t even have a GM, and the Los Angeles Clippers have a long history of imploding in the postseason. The Warriors, on the other hand, will have a fully rested Stephen Curry next to Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, the 2nd-overall pick (or an All-Star they get via trade), plus at least a couple of veterans, so yeah, better look the hell out for the Dubs.